Premium trust liabilities include:

Current Liabilities:

  1. Net amount of statement premium (“net premium payable”);
  2. Commission on premium receipts deposited in the trust bank account (“commission payable”);
  3. Return premium reimbursed by insurance companies and not refunded to insureds  (“return premium payable”);
  4. Net amount of billed premium (“net premium current”);
  5. Commission on billed premium (“commission current”);
  6. Return premium insurance companies have not reimbursed (“return premium current”);

Non-Current Liabilities

     7. Net amount of unbilled transacted premium
8. Commission on unbilled transacted premium
9. Non-fiduciary funds (commission reserve and personal funds deposited in the trust bank

Items 1 through 6 represent “current” premium liabilities. They include both “payable” and “current” net premiums, commissions, and return premiums.

Items 7 and 8 represent “non-current” premium liabilities. They include net premiums and commissions on unbilled transacted premium.

The sum of “current” and “non-current” premium liabilities represent the “total” premium liabilities.

The sum of “total” premium liability and “non-fiduciary” funds (Item 9) represents the “total” trust account liability.

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