Client-agencies will make available the following source documents.

  • Applications for insurance (input data: client name and address, producer, policy term, outside broker name and address)
  • Multiple-location insurance policies (input data: insured name and address, location name and street address)
  • Premium quotes (input data: insurance company name, premium, tax and fees, down payment, premium schedule, commission rates, outside broker commission rate and fees)
  • Premium financing agreements (input data: finance company, financed premium, down payment to finance company)
  • Premium audits (input data: audit period, date, amount)
  • Final audits (input data: final audit premium, final tax and fees)
  • Premium payment checks (input data: check amount, number)
  • NSF checks (input data: check number)
  • Endorsements (input data: endorsement number, date, amount)
  • Company statements (input data: statement date, period, premium items)

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