User Agencies

Paulmar Software, Inc. offers independent insurance agents and brokers two service options: (a) Software Application service or (b) Premium Management service. Both are Internet-managed. The Paulmar software application will be downloaded on the agency server and will be operated on the agencyís premises.

Only Paulmar-certified professionals are permitted to operate NOBL. Paulmar may train and certify professionals currently working in the userís office. Alternatively, Paulmar will supply a certified professional. For certification requirements and pre-requisites please refer to information provided on this website.

This web site also provides detailed information regarding the service deployment. For the service management performance please review the sample reports included on this website.

To retain the service users need (a) computers with Windows 2000 or XP operating system, (b) High speed internet connection and (c) a Paulmar-certified professional to operate the software application.

To retain our services or ask for any additional information please get in touch with us.

Application for Certification

Paulmar Software, Inc. will train and certify premium accounting and solvency managers online. After certification they will be licensed to operate NOBL anywhere in the USA and Canada. Paulmar encourages everyone having the necessary pre-requisites to apply for training.

The management of insurance premium solvency is a unique and promising carrier. Only those trained and certified by Paulmar will be allowed to operate the Paulmar technology. For additional information or to apply for certification please get in touch with us.

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