The NOBL Cloud product provides users with a new and exciting way to have access to the rich features of the NOBL trust ledger account management system without the limitations or inconveniences of installing software in a local network environment. NOBL can now be accessed from any internet connected device, including PC and mobile products from Microsoft (Windows, Surface, Windows Phone), Apple (Macs, iPads, iPhones), Google (Android tablets, Android phones.) Getting your device ready to run NOBL Cloud is done in three major steps: Installation, Configuration, and Connection.


Before you proceed with the directions please request a username and password for the demo account by completing this contact form.


Once you receive the demo account credentials you may proceed with the installation.


Paulmar Software uses world class remote desktop technology from 2X Software to provide customers with a consistent application experience across all devices. To get started, the appropriate 2X RDP Client needs to be installed and configured for use. All desktop-based RDP Clients (e.g., Windows and Macs) can be retrieved from the 2X RDP Client download page:


RDP Clients for mobile platforms - Windows Phone, iOS, and Android - must be downloaded from the respective platform's app store. You can do this from your mobile device or use the above link to navigate to the app store's web page. 2X RDP Client products are free of charge.


Once you have the 2X RDP Client installed on your device you will need to create and configure a new connection to the NOBL Cloud server. While each 2X client will have slightly different appearances, the basic information will be the same. Screen shots used in the following steps are from the Windows desktop client:


1.       Launch the 2X RDP Client. You should have the 2X RDP Client software running first. On some platforms it might already be running but is not visible on the desktop. Clicking on the 2X icon from any device should successfully launch the software or bring to view an already running instance.


2.       Add a New Connection. After launching the 2X RDP Client you might be immediately prompted to enter information in the Connection Properties screen. Skip to step #4 if this is the case. Otherwise, you will need to initiate this yourself. Many of the clients have an icon or button so you can quickly start a new 2X connection. In the Window's client this can be accomplished using the Ctrl+N shortcut or from the File dropdown menu:

3.       Pick 2X Remote Application Server. If you are prompted to choose between 2X Remote Application Server or Standard RDP, pick 2X Remote Application Server:

4.       Enter Connection Properties. You should now be prompted for information such as Alias (or Name), Primary Connection (or Primary Server), Port, etc. Different clients use slightly different terms but the following instructions and screen shot should help you get all of the correct information entered properly:

(Note: Order of prompts will vary per client. Regardless of the order, it will be slightly easier if you enter information in the order presented below)

a.       Alias (aka Name) - Enter NOBL, although this is optional and can be anything you want.

b.      Primary Connection (aka Primary Server or Server) - Enter This is required.

c.       Secondary Connections (aka Secondary Server) - Ignore this.

d.      Connection Mode (aka 2X Mode) - Select Gateway SSL Mode.

e.      Port - If you selected the Connection Mode correctly this should already have 443 pre-filled, which is the correct value. If you see 80 then double-check your Connection Mode settings.

f.        Username (aka User Name) - This will be provided to you after completing the contact form. Enter the username provided to you. It should end with @nobl. If this suffix is omitted from the username provided to you then you should append it yourself. Then enter this into the Username prompt.

g.       Password - Enter the temporary password provided along with the username when you complete the contact form.

h.      Domain - If this prompt is available just leave it empty.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is what a completed Connection Properties screen looks like:


When you have properly installed and configured your 2X RDP Client you will see a screen with at least one option. Here is what the Windows client looks like:



The actual NOBL.R icon you see will also display the name of your organization (Agency). You can connect to the NOBL Cloud and launch NOBL by double-clicking on the NOBL.R icon (or touch the NOBL.R connection on a mobile device). Doing so will bring up the NOBL splash screen and eventually the NOBL login window. Your username and password for the NOBL software will be different than the 2X RDP Client username and password.




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