Premium accounting technology is offered to client-agencies on outsourcing basis only. Two models are available: (1) Internet-Managed Application (IMA) service, and (2) Insurance Premium Management (IPM) service. In both cases the software application is downloaded on the userís computer. Its access is managed over the Internet by the Paulmar server. All data files are maintained on the userís computer.

In the IMA service model Paulmar acts as an Application Service Provider (ASP)

In the IPM service model Paulmar is a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) providing both the software application and specialized labor to operate it.

The software application may be operated only by Paulmar-certified professionals. Paulmar offers online training and certification to anyone looking for a new carrier in a highly specialized field. (For additional information please refer to the Certification page).

To outsource premium accounting and solvency management, a user-agency requires (a) one or more computers, (b) Internet connection, and (c) one or more Paulmar-certified professionals who can operate the application.

Any insurance agency looking to outsource its premium management may choose to have one or more of its employees trained and certified by Paulmar. Alternatively, Paulmar will supply the necessary certified professionals along with the software application.

Anyone in the agency may get access to the Paulmar software application but only to view data or run reports. Only certified professionals will perform data input and system operational and administrative functions.

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