The “premium administrator” position does not exist today in the P&C insurance industry. It becomes mandatory for getting access to the premium accounting technology. Only certified professionals will be permitted to operate the new technology.

Paulmar Software, Inc. will certify Insurance Premium Administrators (CIPAs) to use the Paulmar application software and perform all premium management functions in accordance with Insurance Code requirements and Paulmar’s standard operating procedures.

Since all premium management functions are automated CIPA’s job is analogous to that of a car driver. As a car driver must know the car performance and traffic rules, the CIPA must know the system performance and its output requirements. Interaction with the agency is critical in the process of obtaining the necessary source documents. At the same time CIPAs must be able to engage the agency in the decision making process when the system requires the agency to make decisions.

CIPAs do not contact by phone or otherwise any of the agency’s clients or insurance carriers. CIPAs do have a single point of contact (SPOC) in the client agency who will provide source documents and decisions.

CIPAs do not mail billing documents to clients or carriers, do not receive premium payment checks, do not make bank deposits, do not write remittance or return premium refund checks.   

Included in the CIPA’s job description are the following management activities:

  1. Create accurate data records;
  2. Run the system management functions;
  3. Interact with the SPOC when the agency is required to make decisions
  4. Provide SPOC with the necessary documentation when a decision by the agency is requested;
  5. Help the agency management understand the information reported on the financial solvency statements, whenever this may be necessary;

CIPAs are reminded that agency management is given access to all system reports; therefore agency personnel will soon become familiar with their content and management value.

CIPAs will be required to manage the following system functions:

  1. Transacted premium receipts
  2. Endorsement premium receipts
  3. Commission transfer to the operating account
  4. Company premium remittance
  5. Return premium reimbursements
  6. Return commission reimbursements
  7. Returned premium credit and refunds
  8. Personal funds maintained in the trust bank account

CIPAs will receive continuous Paulmar technical support. Should a bug be detected in the software they will be able to contact the Paulmar programmers and have the problem immediately addressed and fixed.

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