Certified Insurance Premium Administrators (CIPAs) may be employed either by users or Paulmar Software, Inc.

User-employed CIPAs are administratively subordinated to userís managers. Technically they report to Paulmar Software. All CIPAs assume full responsibility for operating the premium accounting technology in accordance with Paulmar standard operating procedures. Paulmar reserves the right to disqualify any user-employed CIPA who repeatedly violates the software operating procedures. 

Paulmar-employed CIPAs report to Paulmar both administratively and technically. Repeated violations of the Paulmar standard operating procedures may be cause for termination of employment.

Paulmar-employed CIPAs are expected to develop and maintain good business relationship with agency managers and employees. A dress code is mandatory for employment. Users will fill out quarterly report cards on the CIPAs performance. A bonus system will be in place to reward professional behavior and outstanding relationship with the agency personnel.   


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