The certification process includes the following steps:

  1. Download the application form from the Paulmar website. Fill it out and submit online along with three references (person’s name, relationship to applicant, phone number, and email address);
  2. A phone interview will be scheduled with the applicant as soon as references can be verified. Applicant’s required prerequisites will be tested during the phone interview;
  3. Provided applicant’s phone interview is satisfactory a background check will be performed;
  4. An in-person interview with the applicant will be scheduled after the background check is performed and provided the applicant’s job experience is compatible with Paulmar’s employment requirements;
  5. Should the in-person interview be satisfactory the applicant will be declared Insurance Premium Administrator (IPA)-in-training and is ready to start the training online;
  6. To receive a user name and password the applicant is required to send a $250 check payable to Paulmar Software, Inc. The user name and password will provide immediate access to the training program and application software for practice. The $250 fee will be reimbursed after the first three month of employment with Paulmar Software, Inc.;
  7. Periodic online quizzes and tests will be required. Upon passing a final test the IPA-in-training will receive a Certificate of Completion along with an IPA Diploma that qualifies the applicant for the internship program;
  8. A 120-hour internship program is required in a P&C insurance agency with trust account operation. The activities the IPA is required to get acquainted with will be posted on the website.
  9. Upon successful completion of the internship program the IPA will receive a CIPA Diploma (Certified Insurance Premium Administrator) and will be ready to be assigned to a Paulmar client for insurance premium management services.
  10. Incentives for continuous education, such as Accounting or Windows Operating System classes, will be offered to CIPAs after they are employed by Paulmar. Other incentives will be in place to reward CIPAs professional performance.

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